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How to perform backup on Windows

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Backing up your data is a good way to stay safe from data loss in case your computer fails.

Let's go step by step on how to do backup for Windows Operating System.

Step 1: Press Windows Key on your keyboard and type Backup settings into Windows Search Bar.

Step 2: In the Back up using File History section click Add a Drive.

Step 3: Press "+" to add external drive that will hold your backup files.

Once you have your drive selected you will see this Overview section.

Step 4: In the Back up using File History section click More Options to select what folders you want to backup.

Configuration Settings

Backup Frequency and Age

These settings will change how often the files will be backed up and how long they will keep old versions of the files respectively.

Backup Folder Selection

These settings will give you an option to select the folders you want to backup.

If you want to add press Add a folder and add the folder you want to backup.

Removing Folders

To remove folders you just have to click the folder in the added section and press Remove.

Backup drive ejection and replacement

If you want to remove the drive from the computer or want to change to a new backup drive press Stop using drive before disconnecting a drive.

Also, eject the drive that is connected to your computer.

Press Taskbar Up Arrow and right-click the USB icon and Eject your drive.

Restoring files from backup

To bring backed-up files back onto your computer press Restore files from a current backup.

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