How to remove a virus and malware from a Windows computer?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Welcome to the virus and malware removal tutorial, lets get straight into it.

Step 1: Run Windows Defender to scan for viruses

1. Type Windows Security into Windows Search Bar.

2. Press Virus and Treat Protection.

3. Press Scan Options.

4. Select Full Scan.

5. Press Scan now.

Step 2: Run Malwarebytes to scan for malware

1. Install Malwarebytes (click to install).

a. Download the Malwarebytes installation file.

b. Press Open.

c. Once you open the installer press Install.

d. Press Skip this to skip adding Malwarebytes Browser Guard to your browser unless you want to.

2. In-app, press the gear icon to enter settings.

a. Security Tab

i. Enable Scan for Rootkits.

ii. Enable Use Expert System Algorithm to Identify Malicious Files.

3. In the app click on Scanner (not blue-button Scan).

a. Press Advanced Scanners.

b. Press Configure Scan.

1. Check Scan for Rootkits.

2. Check all hard drives.

3. Press Scan.

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