How to remove viruses and malware from Mac OS

Step 1: To make sure your system is secure with latest updates and patches, enable System Updates.

Step 1.1: Open System Preferences.

Step 1.2: Open the App Store

Step 1.3: Make sure in settings Automatically check for updates and Install data files and security updates are enabled.

Step 2: Check for updates.

The Mac OS will check for latest updates, keep updating until there is no more updates available.

Step 3: Download Malwarebytes and scan for malware.

Step 3.1: Download Malwarebytes and double click the downloaded file.

Step 3.2: Follow the instruction in the installation wizard to complete the installation.

Step 3.3: Click Close to exit the installer.

Step 3.4: Press Move to Trash to remove installation file.

Step 4: The Malwarebytes application should open, if not open it inside the Applications folder. Press Scan to scan for malware.

After the scan look at the Threats detected and PUP detected to know if you have any threats on your Mac. If you do have treats you will be instructed to quarantine the malware and the application will restart your computer to remove it.

Step 5: Download ClamXav on your computer and double click the downloaded file.

Step 5.1: Follow the instructions on the installation wizard to install ClamXav application.

Step 5.2: Press close to exit the installation wizard.

Step 5.3: Press Move to Trash to remove the installation file.

Step 5.4: The ClamXav should open and present you with purchasing windows, just click Free Trial to continue.

The program will update the latest database.

Step 6: Press Scan Now to perform quick scan.

If viruses found it will show them and let you quarantine them.

Step 6.1: Perform full drive virus scan to deep scan all your files.

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