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Why should you buy prebuilt PCs vs building your own?

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Building your own PC can bring you pride and customizability but you would also get no support when things go bad.

Here I will tell you the reason to get a prebuilt PC vs building your own.

The system is more stable

When you built your own computer you can't be sure it will run stable until you build it and test it, Prebuilt PC will remove the guesswork and will be already stress tested to be sure it will run optimally.

"One of the most important attributes of a gaming pc is quality. As gamers ourselves, we adhere to a strict and thorough testing guidelines. We stress-test each component with a series of benchmarks that push our gaming PCs to the limit." - iBUYPOWER

The manufacturers have a warranty

When you build your own PC your hardware parts may be covered under warranty if you buy it new. If you get a preowned one it would not be covered by warranty. A prebuilt PC comes with a warranty on the whole system. If one part fails, your manufacturer of the prebuilt PC will fix it at no charge.

Here is an example from iBUYPOWER that has 3-year warranty.

Get started faster

Building your own PC sometimes can be stressful because you have to test it, installing all the driver updates, which will take some time. The prebuilt PC will be all ready to go as soon as you get it turned on.

The manufacturers of the prebuild PC will have customer support

The prebuilt PCs will almost always come with customer support, whenever you will have any technical difficulties you can always, reach out and get your problems resolved.

For example, iBUYPOWER offers technical support.

Image showing Technical Support From iBUYPOWER

There are many benefits to getting a prebuild PC, like support, warranty, and no headache from setting up your own PC. Thanks for reading this blog post. 😃

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